Writing and Editing

Books and Novels

Almost everyone feels like they have a book inside of them. Bringing this book to the written page is not easy for most people though. I have successfully helped folks edit their manuscripts for publication.

Ghostwriting is also a big part of what I do here. This is the process of taking your ideas and making a book or novel out it. I have successfully done this for both fiction and nonfiction.

Rates for both editing and ghostwriting are reasonable, and I work with you until you are happy with the final product.

Pair that up with coaching on how to go about getting published, marketing, etc. and this is the go-to place for writers that need the help to bring their work to the public.
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Other Writing Services

I have done a vast array of personal and business writing. In all cases, I work with you to make sure the final product is clear, professional, and says exactly what you need it to say.  Below are the most common projects I have worked on for people. Whether you need help with something on this page, or have a unique need, please send me a note of inquiry.


Business Plans


"If you do not know where you are going, you won't get there." This is the job of a business plan. It is your blueprint for success and helps keep you on track with your company and helps others understand your business if they want to join or finance you.  I have done this work for many different types of business and would be happy to help you with yours.
Having a consistent blog presence helps your web site stay active and educates your readers on your products, services, or organization. A robust blog helps keep your website from sinking to the bottom of search results due to inactivity. Having an interesting and enjoyable blog will keep you out in front of the people you want to reach.
In this day of social media and texting, letter writing is almost a lost art. Whether you have to write a letter for business, personal coorespondence, academics, or a letter to Mom, I can help craft it so that it is easy to read and to ensure that you are understood.

Web Content


Academic Papers

One of the first things people ask these days is "Do you have a web site?" It does not matter if you are involved with a business, charity, or neighborhood playgroup. It is important that your site explains what you are about simply and clearly.  After working on sites extensively for the past five years, I can certainly help you with ideas and content.
Safety manuals, employee guides, client booklets...pretty much whatever you find that you need, I can help you organize, write, and put them into a streamilined format. I approach manuals much like a book project. It may take several drafts, but the final product will be one that you are proud of. 
I will help you with your academic projects. I have done so for papers on various subjects, masters thesis, and PhD dissertations. 




I started working on speeches as a joke writer for a congressman. From there I have done entire speeches for elected officials, politicians, business leaders, and have even done a few sermons.  I can work with you and your style so that you are perfectly comfortable in front of a group delivering your talk.
Whether you need an original article, something rewritten to meet your needs, or your work edited, I can help you with it. I am a life-long student and I enjoy learning about new subjects when I have to write about them. Let me know what you need.
I have a background in theatre plus experience in writing and directing training videos. This has helped me to understand the rythymn and flow you need for a script. I have done a great deal of work with training videos, but also comedy shorts for both corporate broadcast and other projects.
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