JJ McKeever

I offer you a vast array of practical experience, formal education, and years helping people bring their dreams and goals to life. Yes, I have gone through school (MBA, degree in organizational psychology), but even more importantly, I have successfully worked closely with individuals over the years in various ways and gathered a keen insight into writing, business & organization management, and guiding career choices.
Working with others on their books and novels is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. In the past year, I have either been involved in the editing and/or ghostwriting of thirty-three books. They have covered the spectrum from business-centered books to fictional novels of different genres.  It is important to me to help an author produce the best book possible.  I am a member of The Writers Guild of America.
I have done a great deal of writing work for business clients as I did their business plans, web content, manuals, blogs, etc. Out of this grew my business consulting services. It helped that I had twelve years with a management-consulting firm where I worked with many different industries, small to large. It has been great to help a business thrive in our current tedious economic environment.
The other rewarding part of my time is spent with career counseling. Besides being able to put together a targeted resume and cover letter that helps a job seeker get their foot in the door, I have been able to help folks achieve clarity on what they want to do in life. This has been true from people who are fresh out of school to someone “displaced” from their 25-year career.
In whatever I work on for a client, two things are true. I will listen and work with you to achieve your goals. At the same time, it will be at a price that is fair and reasonable.  This philosophy has allowed me to help many clients who came back to me with other projects.
By the way, my clients are from all over the country. With the Internet, Skype, and the phone, I feel like I can work with anyone as if we are neighbors in the same town. If you want to work with someone who will give you time and quality for whatever you need, drop me a note.

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Write me about any project you need done, or even to order my book. I encourage questions and look forward to hearing from you.
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