Harry Hid It
by JJ McKeever

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The Early Reviews Have Been Wonderful!! From Amazon: All Five Star Reviews

Great Summer Read!
Harry Hid It is nonstop action from the first page. Having a hard time putting the book down. I would compare its addiction to watching Breaking Bad on demand and continuing all night watching another episode. Kenny W

Great Read and Challenge!
I am so glad to stumble on this book! I LOVE mystery, but the twist of a contest with a cash prize makes JJ McKeever's work a masterpiece! There are clues throughout the book that can lead you to Harry Strickland's stashed loot, if you are correct (and we have a year to research this info) we can try our hand at winning our own chunk of change! Looking forward to the challenge and hoping their are sequels on the horizon. Halfway through it already and loving every page and clue. Summertime/Anytime reading at its best. Meryl V

Wonderful summer time read on the beach
I'm loving this book and the contest too.
Great summer time read on the beach. Kathy C

The book is amazing...
Besides the contest part, the book itself is amazing....cant put it down...I'M IN LOVE WITH HARRY STRICKLAND!!!
Wish I would have thought of this! (LOL). Tina D