Common Sense​ Video​ Gallery               2016

by JJ McKeever

"A world full of ignorant people is a dangerous place to live."

Who Have We Offended Today?

Mental Health - The Elephant in the Room

  America Will Survive!!!

  Only We Can Fix America!

You Need...and Deserve...a Vacation

Flying Isn't Really All That Fun Anymore!

We Can't Forget God

God is always the most perfect example of love - and we can be a part of it all!

Democrats: Fantasy and Reality

Over 50
and Looking for Work

The Republican Conundrum

Not an Endosement - Just an Observation!

What Is Truth?
A Good Friday Perspective

Yahoo Sucks!

Snail Mail - It's Actually Slower Than That!

Corporate Greed

Dr. Jim and Reading to Kids

Cherish Your Family

Capitalism Amok!

Lessons From

Get to Know America

Curses to Craigslist and Spammers