Career Coaching

Vocation Counseling

The landscape for finding a job has changed dramatically in the past ten years. People who thought they were secure in a job found themselves being cast aside and looking for a new one. Many times, this calls for an evaluation of what to do next. Many of us (me included) had to reinvent ourselves. Instead of looking at a few more years to retirement, many men and women are looking for a new job or career.
I can help. Again, because of experience and education, I can help you find the correct path for you. I can help you with where to look, how to network, and work with you in preparing for telephone and in-person interviews. It is a process, but it does not have to be painful.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Having hired for all types of positions in the past, I believe that I have a unique insight into what recruiters and HR people are looking for when a resume and cover letter comes across their desk. Do not forget, often the cover letter is as important, or more so, than the actual resume.
This is where you can give a potential employer an idea of who you are.
I have helped many people this year gain that edge in order to receive an invitation for an interview.  I will work with you regarding your budget and timeline in order to craft the package that will work best for you. 
I can put together a resume/cover letter and/or a career coaching program that works best for you and within your budget. I pride myself on being able to truly listen to you and help you to the best of my ability. Feel free to contact me and we can talk about what you need.
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